Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE)

Young Reporters for the Environment

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    • ) is a programme of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), represented locally by Nature Trust (Malta), designed for secondary schools pupils and teachers. Each group must define its own investigation project about a local environment issue.How does it work? There are 2 basic ways in which participate:

– Through a national project. Assisted by teachers, pupils carry out journalistic activities about a local environmental issue. Possible activities are documentation, field visits, interviews, writing of articles, photos, etc.

– Through an international project. The final article can be a joint venture between young reporters from different countries. The ambition is to enrich one’s local production with data, inputs, information, photos, etc. from another country.

Through YRE, students are expected to:

– understand issues related to sustainable development and citizenship

– actively participate in their learning

– develop journalistic and investigative skills

– work collaboratively on a project with other students and their teachers

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