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At Nature Trust (Malta) we are constantly growing and expanding into areas new and old. Climate change is on the move and we need more and more hands to restore ecosystems and protect natural habitats in Malta. Apply your passion, skills, and talents in the work with Nature Trust.

You can help us in our work through volunteering or doing an internship. You can assist us in the following areas –

  • Propagation, planting and watering of native species.
  • Removing invasive alien species of plants and animals.
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Clean-ups
  • Wildlife Rescue Centre (only internship or long-time volunteering)
  • Social Media work



There is also the opportunity to carry out Research Projects such as for a research-based internship or for a thesis.

If you are interested in the above, please submit your application over here – LINK




Matthew Calleja (2021)

I have been volunteering with Nature Trust since the end of March 2021. I originally joined to work on a project regarding the ecosystem of the ponds in il-Maghluq Marsascala. However, I continued to help in the other sites managed by Nature Trust. Through my voluntary work, I learnt a lot about the local ecosystems and the flora and fauna found in Malta. I also got to meet a lot of people from different cultures, and made lots of new friends. This experience will also help me in my studies, as I will be undertaking BSc. in Biology.


Laurine Parmentier (March – August 2021):

I did my internship and implemented my thesis project at Nature Trust Malta for 7 months. I loved every moment of it, especially because we had the opportunity to work outdoors. I think I really improved my creative skills and became really independent as I had to create my whole thesis project by myself. I worked on an algae bioreactor that purifies the water and it was really challenging for me!



Maria Kleegrewe (July –September 2021):

I worked for three months with Nature Trust Malta and I enjoyed the intercultural exchange with students from France, Slovakia and Italy. The internship provided me with valuable insight in the restoration of ecosystems. We worked on different sights all over the island removing invasive species and planting indigenous ones. I also got the chance to work for some time in the turtle wildlife rehabilitation centre, which was a wonderful experience, but also painful because not every turtle you take care of survives. All in all the time at Nature Trust Malta encouraged me to pursue a B.Sc. in International Forest Ecosystem Management.


Martina Brocco ( October 2021)

I had the opportunity to work with Nature Trust Malta for 1 months, during my Erasmus. It was all very interesting, because I learned so many things about nature, I visited so many places with different environments. We helped the flora of Malta removing the invasive species and protecting the native one, also planting and watering them. For my studies it is a perfect experience especially for the biological part.

I learned to be more creative end made me link a close relationship with nature. Moreover I also had the opportunity to socialize with other people from other countries than mine, and had the opportunity to improve my English.


Shaun Miguel Darmanin (February 2021)

I spent 1 month at NTM as part of my BSc studies, and I can honestly say that it was the best internship I have been on. Firstly, the work was varied depending on the project and site, and every day I had the opportunity to put in practice the theory that I learned during my lectures. The work involved invasive species removal, planting of tree saplings and site clean ups. Second, the people at NTM made me feel a part of the team immediately, and I enjoyed working with the interns from all over Europe that were working there as I learned a lot from them.


Would you like to volunteer/intern with us?

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Erasmus Projects – Adult Learning

The Environment.Skills project made stronger that EE is a broad concept implying many different aspects of life
(personal, professional, etc.) and through the project development the environmental themes have been integrated to
the curricula of participants and educative institutions.
The Environment.Skills project created best possibilities for shaping people’s value orientations. The project moulded a
new way to implement EE, showing as sustainable development is a system of knowledge, skills, attitudes and value
orientations, which made people conscious of the relations of the natural, economic, and socio-cultural environment,
focusing thereby on the idea of sustainable development.
Within the project, NTM strengthened and working-out on the components of environmental education, as:
-Awareness and sensitivity to the environment and environmental challenges
-Knowledge and understanding of the environment and environmental challenges
-Attitudes of concern for the environment and motivation to improve or maintain environmental quality
-Skills to identify and help resolve environmental challenges
-Participation in activities that lead to the resolution of environmental challenges.
Environment.Skills addressed to 21 participants in VET, divided in:
-16 NTM teaching staff, for a training period abroad of 6 days, excluding travel;
-5 learners studying environmental management subjects, for a training period abroad of 13 days, excluding travel;
-6 extra participants have been calculated but this flow has been canceled for Covid19 pandemic.
Educational background referred to the sectors of the environmental subjects, biological, organic, sustainable,
managerial and communicative activities connected to the environmental education, training and management context
and equivalent.
The Environment.Skills gave the opportunity to do an internship VET (NTM teaching staff and learners in EE and
environment management), thematic EE and sustainable development, for staff and learners, bearing the added value
of internationality. The training activities referred therefore to a full-immersion experience in environmental realities and
entities of a different European country (Italy), through a process of effective depth and targeted training.
The training process in the selected as talented foreign entity, strategic for practing and developing training and
educational environmental activities, allowed participants to acquire knowledge and develop managerial, training and
communicative skills connected to the EE, sustainable development and environment management.
Environment.Skills empowered individuals and communities to become agents of change to achieve the well-being of
the human race without compromising that of future generations. It applied holistic approaches to target the
environmental, economic and social well-being of the human race and the whole planet.
The project chose Italy as European country of destination, for its characteristics and its neighborhood to Malta, close
for distance but especially for the similar Mediterranean environmental contexts.
NTM, applicant organisation, worked synergistically with the foreign intermediary and hosting company located in the
foreign Country. The entire partnership (national and foreign) is, by missions, addicted to encourage KNOWLEDGE and
SECTORAL SKILLS, operating with synergistic action between EDUCATION and VOCATIONAL WORK TRAINING,
encouraging the development of education and management skills and the attainment of qualifications for fill in the gaps
at skills level.
-high feedback on the national educational, entrepreneurial and environmental context.
-enhancement of synergy environment-education-economy.
-creation of a pool of national HR strategic to encourage adaptation and innovation and to support the strengthening of
environmental policies in many different sector.
-partecipatory presence and importance of interactions between Countries.
The impact is strong on the environmental education concept: is a driving force to obtain a qualitatively high feedback
on the national EE and sustainable development context; it also created a pool of national human resources strategic to
encourage adaptation and innovation and to support the strengthening of environmental policies in the educational and
managerial sectors of environment context in Malta.
On the LONG TERM, the Environment.Skills project:
-with the added value of internationality, generated broadmindedness and adaptation and provided the right tools to
compete in this specific context;
-with its objectives, is contributing to the environmental challenges so that the EU can becoming the most competitive
and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world.

We are happy and satisfied that at the end, despite Covid19 challenges, we completed all moblities and objectives.