Who We Are

NATURE TRUST (MALTA) is a non-profit non-governmental environmental organization working in the Maltese Islands. It is also a privileged partner of World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Nature Trust Malta (NTM) was founded on 12th December 1962 under the name Natural History Society of Malta. On the 8th January 1999 a merger of four NGOs took place forming Nature Trust (Malta) as we know it today.  These four NGOs are the Society for the Study and Conservation of Nature (SSCN, formerly known as Natural History Society of Malta), Arbor (founded 1989), Verde (founded 1997) and Marine Life Care Group, MLCG.  In 2017 NTM became Nature Trust – FEE Malta as the Malta coordinator for the international Organisation Foundation for Environmental Education based in Denmark

Nature Trust (Malta) is today one of the oldest and largest environmental NGOs in Malta dealing with natural environment of the Maltese Islands. Over the years it has worked and lobbied hard to get legal protection for various plants and animals in the Maltese Islands, helping to save from extinction some of the local endemic species. Today the Trust is very active in environmental education through various means, as it strongly believes that education is the best tool to create awareness on nature conservation. The organisation is also carrying out many environmental projects in Malta such as afforestation, habitat conservation and the creation of marine protected areas.

These projects are very demanding, but NTM feels that this is the mission environmental NGOs should carry to help conserve the Maltese natural heritage.