Many people are under the impression that Malta is poor in biodiversity. However, when one considers the small size of the islands, together with the limited range of habitats and the pressure on the natural environment from a relatively large human population, the country is in fact very rich in flora and fauna.

It is enough to say that over 4500 species of plants and animals have so far been recorded, not taking marine organisms into account. About 85 of these species are endemic.

Biodiversity is a hidden treasure that enriches all our lives. Few of us will ever see a giant panda, a tiger or a dolphin in the wild, but most of us would like to know that we might have a chance to see them one day. Any biodiversity is not just about rarities. The Blue Rock Trush, the Sandarac Gum Tree or the Hedgehog are equally important parts of the Maltese biodiversity.