Eco Centres

Nature Trust is aiming at introducing an EcoCentre programme on a local level to run in parallel with the well-known EkoSkola programme. Two EcoCentre have been set up during a pilot-phase for this programme, one within the Qrendi Scouts and one involving Zejtun Parish active youth. We shall be updating you with news they share with us. Just have a look at the pictures of a clean-up at Hal-Lewq by the Qrendi Scouts EcoCentre. Among the aims of the clean-up Qrendi Scouts EcoCentre held high the target of reaching out to the wider community.




PR issued by one of the eco centre in pilot phase


A Countryside clean-up was recently held at the locality of Hal-Lewq limits of Qrendi, organised by the Qrendi Scout Group in collaboration with the Qrendi Local Council who provided the necessary skips.

Twenty scouts and ten younger cub scouts participated in the activity, as part of the Scout Group’s Eco Centre programme , with the aim of creating an awareness on the irresponsibility people’s behaviour in the spoiling of the environment, through illegal disposal of their bulky refuse.

Within a relative short time, the Qrendi Scouts manage to collect and dispose of several 45 gallon drums, a fridge, a freezer, a geysers, several computers, a professional photocopier, tires, a complete bath room suite, a rabbit cage, barbed wire, a steel locker, several mattresses a TV sets  and a table.

“It is most distressing to find such items being disposed in our environment when  the Qrendi Local Council not only offers a most efficient bulky refuse collection service, but also a “bring in site” facility is sited but a relatively short distance away”, explained the Qrendi Eco Center secretary Mireille Cutajar. 

“Our aim was not only to clear up our countryside, but also and more importantly, to create awareness, and educate our villagers on the ugliness of illegal disposal of bulky refuse ruining our country side” she explained.

The Eco Center members also thanked the local farmers cultivating their fields also took time off from their chores  and assisted the Qrendi Scouts in the disposal of the heavier and  bulkier items.