EcoSchools (EkoSkola)

Nature Trust (Malta) has in the past years given great importance to environmental education in our islands so much so that environmental education is now included in the organisation’s mission statement. It is one of the three pillars on which our NGO is built. Furthermore, we strongly believe that environmental education is the very essence for a mentality change in the Maltese Islands towards environmental awareness and improvement.

It was for this very reason that we were proud to be the representatives of FEE in the Maltese Islands since 2002. This opportunity opened the way for our schools not only to be able to do something for their environment but also to have the opportunity of being awarded for their efforts by having the honour of getting the Green Flag award.

Today we are happy to say Eco-Schools is building up popularity as we go along. Thanks fo our Eco-Schools programme co-ordinator Dr. Paul Pace and our five Eco-Schools officers we are steadily moving on. We are sure that one day our efforts will be further awarded by seeing communities in our Islands working towards Agenda 21. We can then say it was a complete success story.

A special thanks algo goes to the Ministries responsible for the Environment and Education, HSBC Bank Malta Ltd and WasteServ Malta Ltd for their full support.

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