Dwejra is a site which has always been close to the heart of all environmentalists. It is an area where nature’s beauties come together in many aspects: geology, flora, fauna, archaeology, history and ecology.

The attractiveness of Dwejra has in some ways contributed to its own degradation as over the years visitors in their thousands come from every part of the globe to view and experience what this site has to offer and leave their impact on the area. It is this very concern that has prompted us to embark on the very challenging project to provide the site with the conservation it deserves while at the same time enhancing facilities for the large number of visitors which the site attracts.

The Dwejra Project has presented many challenges to the management board causing headaches and fuelling arguments but with good management practices and the good will of all the partners in the scheme, a balance was reached enabling all stakeholders to work together for the common good.

It is our earnest hope that through the articles in this website, you learn more about the attractions of the area and the activities one can do on site. Our greatest wish now is that what has been achieved here will remain for future generations to appreciate and enjoy one of Gozo’s foremost natural heritage sites.

NTM is no longer involved in the management of this Natura 2000 sites but hopes the national authorities will give this site the protection and conservation it deserves