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Why Nature Trust?

Nature Trust – FEE(Malta) is the largest and oldest environmental organization in Malta.

It  was formed amongst four different organizations: SSCN, MLCG, Verde and Arbor.

It boasts of a membership exceeding 2000.

It works into habitat restoration, nature conservation and site management to ensure for future generations

It is involved in the rescue of local wildlife, it rehabilitation and release back into the wild

It is working to halt biodiversity loss such as the breeding of the Killifish and lobbying for legislation and enforcement to get fauna and flora protected

It manages various conservation areas.

It is the leading NGO in promoting Education for Sustainable Development

It is lobbying for degraded sites to be turned into afforestation projects

It is lobbying for the better management of Marine protected Areas and conservation of marine biodiversity

It is part of international organisations such as privileged Partner of WWF, malta Coordinator for the Foundation for Environmental Education, member on the EEB board, member on the MIO-ESDCE board of directors and member of the Climate Action Network CAN

Type of memberships

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Active membership Eur 25 per year

Champion membership Eur 50 per year

Life Membership Eur 500 one time


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