Adopt A Turtle or Hedgehog

The Adopt-a-Turtle Campaign or Adopt-a-Hedgehog Campaign is in aid of raising awareness on the different species of turtles on the brink of extinction.

The campaign will also raise funds for the medication and food of injured turtles under rehab through ingestion of marine litter, boat hits, by catch etc and also for the trust’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre additional needs.

You will be able to adopt a turtle against a donation of just €30  per year getting a digital while with  €60 per year one will get a certificate and a soft toy and poster and and be invited to the turtle release when this is ready and certified by our VET to be released.  Packs may be collected from the Xrobb L-Ghagin Nature park once adoption is booked

Further info please write to :  [email protected] or [email protected]

Please do not use Facebook page until further notice as this has been hacked 

Turtles present for adoption are

Polly censa – rescued with a hook in gullet and a three meter fishing line inside

Sonya – rescued with entangled debris causing it to lose a flipper

EM- rescued with entangled debris causing it to lose a flipper

Liam – rescued with entanglement of marine debris some of which had also been swallowed

For an updated list of turtles or hedgehogs we have now and which one can adopt please contact us on [email protected]


for adoption form download please click here