Welcome Wied Ghomor Decision

Nature Trust – FEE Malta  welcomes the  decision taken by the PA appeals Board  not to ​give the green light to further construction ​- an old people’s home​ –  in Wied Ghomor​ valley.  Such a development​, had it gone ahead,​ would have ​dealt ​a fatal hatchet blow ​to yet another green corridor connecting to the rest of Malta’s green areas.  Such corridors are important for our already endangered biodiversity and​ the construction of yet another development​ would have further threatened their survival.

NT- FEE Malta hope​s​ that this ​is just​ the first sign ​that​ the​ PA ​is truly mov​ing​ towards sustainable development and ​the ​protect​ion of​ our natural heritage from unsustainable development projects

The eNGO also welcomes the position taken by the Minister of Environment to grant Wied Ghomor protect​ion from further development.  The organisation ​believes that all valleys​ ​in our Islands should be protected both for their ecological value and also​ for​ their role in water conservation​.